By combining the possibilities of our test track and our engineering competencies, we provide a comprehensive solution for the vehicle tests and calibration of automatic transmissions. Our services can be tailored to meet customer demands from simple vehicle tests to turnkey solutions.

We can perform data collection on vehicle testing in every utilisation situation, whether it is a low and high-speed or dynamic situation. During data collection, we record test data in the full spectrum and make them available for further use in the digital format required by the customer.

In the case of transmission calibration tasks, we are capable of performing a full-scale testing and calibration of transmission strategy and transmission quality. During the course of that, we prepare the test plan, define the necessary test cases, and then perform the setting of complete calibration parameters by implementing the tests in multiple iterations. Assessing transmission quality is fundamentally a subjective field, and in order to avoid that, our company uses the AVL Drive system. The system provides an objective framework for the subjective assessment, which supports the process of assessment in an automated way. With the help of the AVL Drive database, the transmission qualities of various systems also become comparable with each other.

Our transmission calibration service can be supplemented by diagnostic functions, during which we simulate a fault in the system and examine if the transmission system of the vehicle responds to the situation according to expectations. In turnkey projects, beyond the calibration and diagnostic tasks, we can also support customers by performing and evaluating tests required by the technical standards and regulations concerning the examined transmission system.