The DGT (Dynamic Ground Truth Reference) system is a high-resolution measuring equipment. The system enables the reliable recording of the environmental data of the vehicle during running and is capable of identifying objects around the vehicle. The technical quality of the DGT system is far beyond the quality level of the sensors of traditional vehicles. This allows it to serve as a reference for the tests of sensor systems of traditional vehicles, and we assess the validity of the data detected by the vehicle during the test based upon that.

The DGT equipment can be mounted on the roof rack of a passenger car, providing for rapid and flexible installation. The system can also be used on commercial vehicles, however, in that case, large towed vehicles may restrict the detection field of the system, and so in such cases of usage, we provide unique, tailored solutions.

The DGT measuring system is capable of presenting the measured data online, but it records the data in full spectrum, so they are available for later, offline use too. During offline evaluation, detailed analysis can be done on where there are deviances between the data flow detected by the tested vehicle and the DGT system, and through the analysis of those deviances, any faulty operation can be detected.

The recorded data can also be further used in a simulation environment where we can simulate the response of the vehicle in real traffic situations in a reproducible way. Since simulations provide a much faster and cheaper alternative to real vehicle tests, so this opportunity provides the customer with a significant competitive advantage, considering the rapid development rate of ADAS systems.

We primarily recommend our DGT system for the development and testing of advanced driver- assistance systems and autonomous functions of vehicles, since these tasks require most the high-precision positioning of the vehicle. In order to achieve high precision, the DGT system is equipped with 3 lidars, 4 cameras and a dGPS (differential GPS) device, which allow the centimetre-precision dynamic positioning of the vehicle.

Our company provides professional services for customers in providing the DGT testing equipment and the necessary software tools, installing the test equipment, designing the necessary test situations, performing the tests, and online and offline data processing.


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