ADAS surface

Technical parameters

  • 250x60 m action surface
  • 400 m long, 8 m wide acceleration lane
  • Road markings, crossroads section
  • Environment for certified NCAP/ADAS test
  • Up to 130 km/h speed



All AD and ADAS related systems can be tested on the new surface in compliance with all existing standards and requirements according to the most diverse NCAP scenarios. For all that we provide fully equipped car and truck workshops indispensable during daily use, with a complete engineering and service background (EuroNCAP targets & carriers, actuators, localization and high-level control units).

The recent decade of automotive development has focused on autonomous vehicle functionalities, and the forerunner of this technology is advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS), which has already been released on the market, and includes, for instance, lane keeping assist systems, automated emergency brakes or adaptive cruise control. There are standardized testing protocols available for these systems (EuroNCAP), and the automotive industry’s demand is currently high on such testing activity. Besides the necessary test equipment, the testing environment has a detailed and strict specification; at ZalaZONE the ADAS surface is a dedicated area that fulfils all the requirements of standardized ADAS testing.

ADAS surface
ADAS surface

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