Brake measurement surfaces

Technical parameters

  • Total length: 1100 m
  • Length of acceleration line: 750 m
  • Length of brake surfaces: 200 m
  • Length of safety zone: 150 m
  • 8 different surfaces (0.1-1.0 mue)


The braking platform is brand new and one of the best in Europe showing the following physical characteristics: total length of 1100 m including 750 m acceleration lane, 200 m braking surfaces, and a safety zone of 150 m. The 200m braking surfaces are separated into 8 different lanes: a chess-board surface of altering asphalt & white epoxy resin, rough asphalt µ =~1 (optional wet), low friction(Japanese tiles) µ =~0.1 (wet), blue basalt µ =~0.3 (wet), asphalt µ =~0.8 (optional wet), polished concrete µ =~0.6 (wet), asphalt µ =~0.8 (reserve surface), and an aquaplaning basin (max. 5cm wet depth). Each lane can be watered individually. The Lanes are 4.5m wide with the exception of the blue basalt, which is 8m wide. On each side of the braking platform is a 20m wide asphalted run-off-area. The entire module has a 80 cm basalt base/foundation allowing vehicles up to 40 t to be tested. Furthermore the braking platform includes a return lane with various permanent road paint / markings for road edge testing and an additional exit at the end of the safety zone. This connects to the motorway module allowing for multi-module testing.

These characteristics allow braking maneuvers, needed for both vehicle dynamic and ADAS/AD tests (Advance Driving Assisted Safety / Autonomous Driving). Cooperative vehicle control tests at vehicle’s physical limits, integrating moving or static obstacles at various speeds, by engaging ABS, ATC, and ESP, and other systems can be performed. Furthermore, a vehicle’s combined ADAS/AD and driving dynamics systems can be tested such as commercial vehicle platooning by driving through or braking on various friction surfaces. This along with the availability to test under our planned V2X 5G/DSRC environment allows for even the most complex integrated testscenarios. Lastly, the connection to the internal road network on both ends of the module allows for inter-module testing and “everyday real life” scenarios.

Brake measurement surfaces
Brake measurement surfaces

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