High-speed handling course

Technical parameters

  • Length: 2000 m
  • Width: 12 m
  • Various topography
  • Multilane: 450 m
  • soft gravel / asphalt run-off-area
  • 80 cm basalt base/foundation


The high-speed handling course is brand new and one of the best in Europe showing the following physical characteristics: a length of 2000 m, a width of 12 m, a soft gravel / asphalt run-off-area, and a 80 cm basalt base/foundation allowing for vehicles up to 40t to be tested. Furthermore the high-speed handling course presents a diversified topography allowing for repetitive and reproducible tests at speeds up to 200+ km/h, a delta point for reverse direction testing, separate entrance/exit points for passenger and commercial vehicles, an observation /parking area, and various permanent road paint / markings on its almost 450 m long straight section.

In other words, this track enables comprehensive chassis developments and tests, focussing on steering, damping, braking and acceleration manoevers as required in the vehicle and tire development world.

This includes ADAS/AD test scenarios like truck platooning, cooperative vehicle control tests and others.

Finally the high-speed handling course can be used for inter-module testing allowing for “everyday real life” scenarios that can be arranged for various traffic situations by combining different road types and other infrastructure.

High-speed handling course
High-speed handling course

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