• 2x2 lanes with 1 safety lane
  • 1500 m long asphalt surface
  • 960 m straight section
  • 540 m curve section with radius 340 m
  • 170 m concrete section
  • Watering on 700 m long section in the curve

The purpose of the Motorway is to provide a realistic (motorway) environment, which is particularly important for testing and validating the ADAS system.

2x2 traffic lanes and safety lanes have been constructed through the 1,500-metre-long (track) module. The surface is mainly asphalt, but, in addition, a concrete surface ensures a variety of motorway situations. Also for the sake of variety, the separating elements have various designs and therefore, besides single- and double-row strip railings, New Jersey elements are also installed here. From the aspect of the autonomous driving function, joining and leaving the motorway are especially critical, so 2+2 entry and exit junctions have been set up in the module.

The bridge over the motorway provides the opportunity for test scenarios for built-in vehicle sensors and cameras.


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