Pass-by Noise Track /NVH/

Technical parameters

  • Standard 20x20 measurement surface
  • ISO 10844 surface quality
  • Bidirectional 250 m acceleration lanes
  • Turning plate at both ends


Our dedicated pass-by noise measurement module allows to measure and evaluate the pass-by noise of passenger and commercial four-wheel drive vehicles according to ECE R51.02 and ECE R51.03, and motorcycles according to ECE R41.02 and ECE R41.04.

The ISO-certified track surface quality and the class1 Müller BBM PAK MKII pass-by measurement equipment fulfill all the criteria of type approval and conformity of production (COP) measurements.

In this module, we also offer tire rolling noise measurements (according to ECE R117) and AVAS (Acoustic Vehicle Alerting System) development and testing (UNECE R138 and US 49 CFR 571-14). Furthermore, our team performs other acoustic-related development tasks including the analysis of different vehicle components, vehicle setups, driving modes, and datasets. Strong cooperation with other AVL departments ensures a holistic view of the development and optimization of NVH-related tasks. 

In addition, our company offers interior noise and vibration measurement and benchmarking. The overall interior noise level is compared to a scatter band based on the results of similar vehicles from the AVL database. Through frequency analysis, several psychoacoustic parameters can also be quantified and compared directly.

Pass-by Noise Track /NVH/
Pass-by Noise Track /NVH/

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