Wet Handling Course

Technical parameters

  • 1300 m track length
  • 6 m road width
  • Various routing
  • Includes skid pad for controlled drifting
  • ~60km/h planing speed
  • Reduced friction coefficient ~0.6-0.7 mue in wet condition


The low-speed or wet surface handling track is primarily used for testing tyres and electronic stability control systems, but can also be used for driving technique trainings.

The track, which is almost 1300 metres long and 6 metres wide, is equipped with an integrated watering system along its entire length. The remote-controlled 6 zone irrigation system allows the track to be used in different configurations, allowing test vehicles to be separated from each other if necessary.

The water used to wet the road surface is recycled, reducing the amount of water used and the impact on the environment. As a result of the sharp bends and the limited grip of the watered, specially polished asphalt surface, the average speed on the track is relatively low, at around 60 km/h.

The wet handling track also includes a circular skid-pad module made up of polished basalt and asphalt. This allows controlled under- and oversteer maneuvers and drifting maneuvers to be performed in safe conditions on a low-grip surface.

The entire area of the track can be used for testing only when wet, preventing the smearing of tyre debris on the surface and thus ensuring homogeneous grip conditions.

To ensure the safety of the drivers, our Wet Handling Track is surrounded by a grass-covered safety zone.

Wet Handling Course
Wet Handling Course
Wet Handling Course

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