Rural roads

Technical parameters

  • Total length: 2x1 lane 2500 m,
  • Multilane: 2x2 lanes 500 m
  • 10% banked lane module: 130 m
  • Roundabout
  • Several entry/exits/shortcuts


The rural road system is a brand new module at AVL ZalaZONE Proving Ground covering an internal road network with a total length of 2500 m, incl. a 2x2 lane section of 500 m and 130 m long 10% banked road section. The internal road network is also a testing environment composed of several sections, corresponding to highway road and normal national road requirements. This allows tests in a realistic public road environment at medium and high speeds. The roads consist of a variety of geomatrical road surfaces as well as emulating multiple road conditions or circumstances like commuting frequency and GPS shadowing and the change of road gradients and elevations.

Rural roads
Rural roads

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