Enthusiasm and Passion for the Future of Mobility - IAA 2023

  • 2023/09/21
  • Thursday


The 2023 Munich IAA Mobility event was a resounding success. From the 5th of September  to the 10th, the city became the epicenter of future mobility. Our Proving Ground also participated in this prestigious event, providing us with the opportunity to showcase our strengths, contributing to the future of the automotive industry.

The 2023 IAA Mobility Exhibition was characterized by nearly 750 exhibitors from 38 countries, over 300 world premieres and innovations, 3,700 accredited journalists, and 500,000 visitors. People displayed immense interest in the future role of sustainable and digital cars.

In addition to industry giants, numerous startups were present to showcase their innovations and rise among the leaders. Alongside them, more than 500 international keynote speakers and global stars brought the future of mobility closer to the visitors. Notable figures included Academy Award winner Natalie Portman, Mars mission candidate Alyssa Carson, and Sophia Kianni, the founder of a climate protection initiative.

We are delighted that the AVL ZalaZONE Automotive Testing Track, in collaboration with HIPA and BME, was part of the celebration of the future of mobility. We presented an exciting and innovative program: a life-sized "remote-controlled car" driven simultaneously at our IAA Mobility booth and on our testing track as a "digital twin." Furthermore, visitors had the opportunity to witness a demonstration of an intelligent intersection where pedestrians and vehicles coexist seamlessly. The highlight of our booth was the reimagined legendary racing car, the Tipo-158, which received its first-ever electric propulsion system in history!

It is in our mutual interest to provide space and opportunities for companies and corporations to test and refine their innovations on our test track and in our well-equipped workshops.

Lets shape the future of mobility towards a sustainable and climate-compatible direction where transportation reaches new heights together!