HUMDA Motosafety at AVL ZalaZONE - for road safety

  • 2023/08/01
  • Tuesday

The last event of the Moto Safety training series this year took place at the AVL ZalaZONE Automotive Test Track in Zalaegerszeg, which with its varied course elements is suitable for simulating a wide range of different road situations - whether it is about cars, heavy-duty vehicles, or motorbikes.

Theoretical lectures contained emergency life support trainingHUMDA MotosafetySlalom on the High Speed Handling

As we are committed to safe driving, we were delighted to welcome the HUMDA Moto Safety team. The participants of the event were able to take part in a variety of technical exercises, practical training, and theoretical lectures, with the aim of improving the safety and technique of motorcycle driving. On AVL ZalaZONE's Dynamic Platform, High Speed Handling Track and Slopes, motorcyclists could practice slaloming, emergency braking, avoiding obstacles and emergencies with the help of instructors. In addition, great emphasis was placed on moving forward in heavy traffic, maneuvering in curves and cornering combinations, as many accidents can result from a poorly executed change of direction.

Start/stop practice on the Dynamic PlatformTraining on the SlopesHUMDA Motosafety on AVL ZZThe theoretical lectures covered the topics of road first aid, the effects of drunk-driving and lessons from motorcycle accidents providing a relevant and instructive experience and new information even for more experienced motorcyclists. It is important to always react quickly and effectively to unexpected, possibly even life-threatening situations - for our own safety and for the sake of other road users.
HUMDA is organizing a series of Moto Safety events at several special venues on an ongoing basis, which are free of charge following prior registration. For more information, please visit

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