Dynamics platform

Technical parameters

  • 300 m diameter asphalt surface
  • 760 m long acceleration lane
  • 20 m wide run-off-area
  • 1000 m separate return lane
  • 1 % inclination to south
  • road markings


The dynamic platform is brand new and one of the best in Europe providing the following physical characteristics: a 300 m diameter asphalt surface, an acceleration lane 760 m long with a 0% inclination, and a 20 m wide run-off-area surrounding the asphalt circle. The dynamic platform has a 1% inclination to south . The separate return road and the acceleration lane have permanent road paint / markings.

These physical characteristics allow maneuver execution needed for both vehicle dynamic testing and ADAS/AD testing (Advance Driving Assisted Safety / Autonomous Driving).

Lastly, the dynamic platform can be used for inter-module testing. “Everyday real life” scenarios can be arranged for various traffic situations combining different road types and other infrastructure. This allows variations of testing speeds and lighting conditions.

Dynamics platform
Dynamics platform

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